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The Practice

7.15–7.45 am: Qi Qong Tai Chi Shibashi Qi Qong

8.00–9.00 am: Tai Chi 24-step Yang Style

10.00 am onwards: Counselling at a time to suit.

*** 3 one–to–one sessions per week.

6.30–7.00 pm: Evening Meditation.

Suitable for the complete beginner or for someone who sits regularly.

TIMETABLE: to include three one-hour counselling sessions per week. Counselling session are on rotation, to allow you free time at different times of the day.

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  • 7.15–7.45 Qi Qong
  • 8.00–9.00 Tai Chi
  • 9.00–10.00 Breakfast
  • 10.00–11.00 Counselling session (on rotation)
  • 11.00–12.00 Counselling session (on rotation)


  • 12.00–1.00 Counselling session (on rotation)
  • 1.00–4.00 Free time to do with as you please
  • 6.00–6.30 Meditation
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