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  • Are you sensing that this life has more to offer but you can't access it?
  • Are you perhaps feeling emotionally drained, disappointed, empty, stressed or conflicted?
  • Are you feeling diminished by power–based relationships?
  • Do you want to have sincere relationships that accept you as you are?
  • Do you want to have your needs met without being dependent on others?
  • Do you feel dogged by past misfortunes?
  • Do you find it hard to trust/feel at ease/switch off/sleep/feel energised, content or happy?
  • Do you often worry, over–think or over-work?
  • Are you driven or, conversely, do you lack motivation?
  • Do you experience a lack of purpose or meaning?
  • Are you aware of your own values and how they inform your relationship with the wider world? Do they seem at odds with your everyday life?
  • Do you struggle with change, loss, impermanence?
  • Do you stand in your own light and have a pattern of self–sabotage?
  • Do you feel under the weather, or out of sorts, for no medical reason?
  • And, keeping it simple, would you just like to feel more in–tune and secure within yourself?


At our retreat, we will work with you to overcome some of these fears and blocks, and look at the particular issues that you feel are holding you back from being your true self.

We will help you find a way to accept your past, to be happier in the present and to find what is important to you in the time to come. We work with respect for your values, informed by our own learnings and understandings influencing our mind, body and spirit continuum, together with our professional training and experience in psychology, personal development, spiritual enquiry and the human condition.

We believe that every human life has limitless potential and this can be facilitated by training the mind, body and spirit to work in harmony. Our life choices and experiences can shape and damage us so that we may become distanced from the connection to the source of our happiness and joy. Sometimes we may need to heal and be restored from negative aspects of our pasts so we can become whole and strong. Fortunately, we all have built–in resilience and a tendency to want to move forward and grow towards the light, as Carl Jung put it. With this in mind, we work with you to enhance your own healing tendencies and promote your well–being, as your own subconscious urges you forward. Within yourself reside the answers that you seek. We help to provide the opportunity and context for you to give yourself space and attention to listen to your inner voice.

Renewed notice is being paid to mindfulness these days, as an antidote to the pressures of busy western lifestyles. The benefits of a relaxed and contented mind are well known in other world civilisations, and we can all tap in to these elemental and essential truths. Somehow you already know the answers to your own questions and problems: the difficulty is getting time and space to really listen internally to what is going on for you, in a safe place and with trained support to help you in taking the steps forward to greater awareness and acceptance and a sense of belonging – even, a homecoming.


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