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In meditation we use the breath to focus on the present, to bring the unconscious into conscious awareness and to help us let go of negative attachment. Meditation is now widely established in the West, and long practised by Buddhists, and it is often used by those wishing and seeking psychological and spiritual changes in their lives.

We use the breath to stay in the present moment:

The past has gone
The future does not exist
But the present ... is a gift

To focus the spirit, one needs to be mindful, to be able to use the first mind – the unconscious mind. Mindfulness puts you on the spot ... now.

To achieve this one needs to meditate. Through the practice of meditation, we become awake to the thoughts that come into our minds, consciously selecting the thoughts that habitually run through our minds, and thus being conscious of unconscious emotional thoughts. Emotions are unconsciously activated while good thoughts are consciously formulated. Therefore, by making unconscious emotional thoughts conscious, we can replace them with conscious calming thoughts.


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