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Our Teacher, David Tabb

My interest in self–development began over thirty-five years ago.

In my twenties I took up Taekwondo but as my interest in Buddhism grew, I found that Tai Chi was more in time with what I wanted to achieve. From there my interest in Meditation, Buddhism, Spiritual Healing and Tai Chi bloomed.

Over twenty years ago I was introduced to my teacher and mentor, Lim Chong Watt, who at that time was an international judge for Tai Chi competitions, and instructor to many international competitors. He has been my friend and teacher ever since, instructing me to achieve a greater understanding of Yang form Tai Chi and Tai Chi Sword, Meditation and Massage.

With my ever–increasing understanding of Tai Chi, I became very aware of the powerful influence our mental health and emotions have over our physical selves.

I then enrolled on a counselling course for five years and have been a counsellor now for twenty years, at present volunteering for a cancer charity in Hampshire.

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